Website redesign

My old website design was getting a bit stale and difficult to update. I liked the full screen theme but it didn’t work for portrait images and it was complicated to navigate. I’d recently¬†updated work’s website so decided to do the same with mine. The new theme uses a horizontal scrolling portfolio, so landscape and portrait images fit together well and can be navigated quickly. I’ll be updating the Portfolio with more recent images in the next few days.

Mega Meet

I recently attended a car show with some friends that spanned over a weekend. I took the opportunity to shoot some light painted shots of the cars that were there.

Las Iguanas Leeds shoot

I was asked to shoot some interior and exterior shots of the Las Iguanas Leeds site after they had a refurbishment.
I shot at night to recreate the atmosphere inside and exhibit the new lighting inside.

Frosty Morning

Working in Wrexham, Wales during November I came out to frost covered foliage almost every day. However the Sun was always shining…

Light Painting

I recently started experimenting with light painting. I used the car as the subject and lit it with the LED light on my phone. I’m pretty happy with the result and I’ll definitely be doing more light painting.


I’ve been working in Wrexham, Wales for the last two weeks shooting a product catalogue. The weather was excellent and I got to see this amazing sunset.


I went out night shooting again with a friend. He’d just bought a DSLR and wanted to do some astrophotography. We went to a nearby reservoir far enough away from the pollution of the city to get darker skies.

Our Satellite

I picked up a 300mm lens recently and this is one of the first shots I took with it. It’s not perfect but it’s the best image of the Moon I’ve ever been able to get. I am planning to buy a decent telescope in the future to get some even better astrophotography images.


I recently fitted some super bright LED bulbs to the interior of my car. I was sick of not being able to see properly inside at night. I noticed, due to the brightness, that they’d make a good flash substitute so I too some shots of the interior using only available light.